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Delivery Vehicles (Trucks) and Personnel





Delivery trucks as the major tool in performing VEGHS core operation presents a number of hazards and risks to every personnel and persons in the immediate vicinity. It is a major concern for the company to supply these vehicles with competent personnel to ensure safe operations. Each personnel must be familiar on vehicle and road handling procedures to handle each situation.


The aims and objectives of this Part are to ensure that delivery trucks are well maintained and used only for the work for which it was designed and the drivers and helpers manning the said vehicles are trained and experienced in the procedures and functions to keep specific vehicle in operation.


It is also aimed to describe the type of delivery trucks being used in VEGHS hauling operations and outline the safe driving/working practices and procedures.



The VEG HS Personnel


All Driver must hold a current full Philippine driving license appropriate to the vehicle/truck being operated and shall be over the age of 21 years. Copies of the operators driving license/training certificates shall be kept at VEGHS office for record purposes and available for inspection at all times.


Each personnel (drivers, helpers and clerks) shall have all the government and police clearances necessary before employing with the VEGHS. These documents shall all be kept available for inspection.


Each employee will be provided with company identification card clearly showing their names and position. This identification card shall be worn and displayed during the performance of their duties.


Each VEGHS employee must be a member of the Philippine Social Security System of which proper contribution will be provided by the VEGHS and its employee according to as prescribe by the law.


Medical and health insurance benefits will be provided to employee and similar to the SSS contribution the VEGHS will contribute according to as prescribe by the Phil government.  


Trainings and seminars relevant to safety and work hazard will be provided as required free of charge to all employee as required.




Our Delivery Vehicles



VEGHS will, 

  • Make sure that work equipment (which is the delivery vehicles) is suitable for its purpose;
  • Take account of the working conditions
  • Always assess the risks to the health and safety of the delivery vehicles on each trip

 Workplace vehicle should include:

  • Driver must have good all-round visibility while driving.  Drivers should not place items in the windscreen area or in the way of mirrors, where they might impede visibility from the driving position. The area of the windscreen that is kept clear by the wipers should not be obscured, and nor should the side windows. Windows and mirrors will also normally need to be kept clean and in good repair. Dirt or cracks can make windows or mirrors less effective.
  • Side mirrors options - it is often worthwhile adding extra mirrors to reduce blind spots for drivers. Side mirrors can allow drivers of larger vehicles to see cyclists and pedestrians alongside their vehicles, and can be effective in improving visibility around the vehicle from the driving position. 
  • All warning system of the vehicle must be working and fitted correctly (such as horns and lights). 
  • Seat belts and restraints, it should be safe and comfortable and meet the needs of the job. 
  • Warnings signs must be provided to prevent people from coming into contact with dangerous parts of the vehicle such as, chain drives, tail lift or on exposed hot exhaust pipes. 
  • Each vehicle must have protection from bad weather such as in rainy conditions VEGHS must provide rain coats and umbrella. 
  • Always check the hand brake before any trip it should prevent the vehicle from moving whenever it is activated.
  • Always check the light the vehicle lights should provide enough light for the driver to see the road at night properly. 
  • Each vehicle must be equip with at least 0.5 Kg of dry powder fire extinguisher. Vehicle crew must be given prior training as to how to check and use the fire extinguisher they have in their vehicle. 
  • Each vehicle is provided with complete tools for the crew to properly attend vehicle breakdown in the road.


Provisions and Prohibitions

All Delivery truck/vehicle shall be serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

 Each delivery vehicles and its cargo are to be insured with proper insurance protection. Copies of insurance, service, and maintenance records shall be kept for record purposes and available for inspection at all times.


The delivery vehicles specifications as to permitted load and weight shall be complied with at all times.


The Number of passengers including the driver shall not exceed the allowed number as authorized by the vehicle registration or by the no of seatbelts installed.


Seatbelts must be worn at times the vehicle is moving, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure all passenger are wearing their respective seatbelts. The vehicle must not move unless all are properly bucled up.


No passenger shall be permitted to ride at the back (cargo hold) of the truck even it is empty.


Passengers not duly authorized by VEGHS or by the Client shall not be permitted to ride in any of the VEGHS delivery vehicles.


All delivery vehicles shall be fitted with an audible reversing alarm, which shall be maintained in good working order.


The driver should not attempt to back up the vehicle unless his helper is positioned and clearly be seen from his side view mirror. The helper must guide the Driver by  using sign and sound language (developed on their partnership) to position, turn, back up and or park the vehicle.


All delivery trucks must be fitted with load elevator (hydraulic lifter/hoist) for proper cargo handling (loading and unloading). When loads are being loaded and discharged, additional care must be taken to protect the cargo. It is the responsibility of the VEGHS crew to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination free of any handling defects.


Each delivery vehicle is to be provided with proper tools safety equipment for any such emergency; the following are to be provided on each truck;


         Mobile  or cellular phone

         Applicable hydraulic jack

         Applicable tire wrench

         Applicable screw drivers and wrenches

         Tool pouch/box

         Clip board and pen

         High visibility reflective triangle

         500 lbs fire extinguisher

         Cheater pipe (3 ft minimum length)

         Flashlight  or torch


In an event of a vehicle breakdown drivers and his helper shall properly identify the cause of the breakdown and if the breakdown is minor and can be repaired, the vehicle must be parked away from the on going traffic as much as possible.  High visibility reflective triangle must be installed to alert incoming traffic.


Nobody shall be allowed to work beneath the vehicle when it is jacked up, unless suitable other means are used to supplement the machines own jacks or attachments. Any obstructions underneath a jacked up vehicle shall be cleared using tools and not hands.


Defects, damage, or other conditions considered by the Driver and or helper as being likely to cause unsafe driving operations and conditions shall be reported immediately in order to take the appropriate and necessary measures.


The delivery vehicles shall not be towed on public roads without proper goverment permits. The towing vehicle is must be suitable for towing and the operator is trained and authorized with the appropriate and valid towing license.


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