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About Us
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Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

Mission Statement

To provide fast, reliable, quality cargo delivery and transport services. 


Each cargo shall be hauled and served legally  according to the customers specific requirement. 


Our Vision


A bright recognizable future in hauling business, with a positive  growth that is moving along with the companies  we are serving.  

Our Employees

Our employees are the proof of the services we can offer. All of them are experienced personnel of their trade. The most junior among them had been with the company for more than 10 years now. They are the main characters, playing the most important role in our business. Our company’s first line of service  that personally interacts with our customer.


Safety comes first in everything we do and we always strive to do things right the first time. We are proud of our employee's honesty, carefulness, cheerfulness and politeness. Their being patient is their best asset, the company is very proud of them that even working for long hours on each specific day they are ready and eager for the next day challenges.


To make them fully qualify in handling chemicals and hazardous waste materials, all our employee received the necessary training courses required by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources and the Environment Management Bureau (aside from the training courses sponsored by some  company affiliated to us).

The Management

The Company is currently being managed by husband and wife team of Mr Emelito Gaspar and Violeta (Baby) Gaspar. Baby,  being the Operations Manager and Emelito handling all the maintenance requirement to ensure the trucks availability and roadworthiness.


Our Garage and Parking Area

Our Company (A Brief History)

It all started as a one truck delivery service, originated from a single Mitsubishi L300 with aluminum van bought by spouses Emil and Baby Gaspar in the latter part of year 1994. The van was originally planned as a (for hire) delivery vehicle for transporting consumer and grocery items such as rice, groceries, wines, electronics parts, etc., for some logistics companies located in Metro-Manila and suburbs.


It was a rough start, but the couple manages to get through with the odds and able to pull through the bad times. After joining the Door to Door delivery service of Balikbayan Boxes coming from Hong Kong, USA, and Australia, Two (2) new and bigger Fuzu Canter alluminum truck van were acquired (by early 1996) to augment the increasing delivery demands, but due probably to the political and economic instability of the country during that time the demand dies out quickly for only after some years, the Door to Door delivery service slowly looses business. which promt the company  to look for a better alternatives.


It was a probation for us, this could be the period wherein  visions rarely  becomes a reality but due to some unforeseen circumstances our trade of transporting heavy grocery items, balikbayan boxes and some lipat-bahay services took a turn,  we  were able to shift in transporting drummed chemical products of Glysolv Ventures Inc (This company evolved to become the now we called The Philippines Prosperity Chemicals Inc.)


We would like to acknowledge and deeply thank the then Glysolv Ventures, Inc., and thier officers who gave their trust and  motivated us to move ahead into attaining our present trade.   


Through all these difficulties and trials, we learned a lot and completed the registration of the simple backyard entrepreneurships into a small hauling and transport service company, which we called  VEG Hauling Services


The company has now gained enough experience to safely transport drummed chemicals and It's at this point  that the company was granted by  the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) the accreditations for transporting hazardous waste and toxic materials. 


Currently, the fleet includes 4 numbers of Isuzu Elf 6 Wheeler trucks with net weight capacity of 3800 Kg. each, one Mitsubishi Fuso 4 wheel truck  with drop side body and the pioneer L300 van which was converted from a small aluminum van truck into an all purpose utility van that can deliver goods or carry 12 passengers. 


As shown from the photographs below, the VEGHS has ample parking/garrage space located at 278 Sto Nino Plaridel Bulacan. The area is secured and  safe to accommodate the trucks all together even they are heavily laden with cargo.



More Parking Spaces

VEG Hauling Services                                                                  since 1995