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Daily Pre-Trip Safety Check






This part of the manual is to outline the daily safety checks that the driver and his helper must undertake each time they are to carry out any trip.  Each personnel must be very familiar with their vehicle to fully carry out these checks. VEGHS assigned the driver and his helper only to a specific vehicle which they can consider their own.


Their truck is their responsibility, they need to make sure it is in running condition at all time, they are not restricted to report any trouble they might find while riding it. VEGHS Management will make sure all support will be given to them to keep their vehicle in tip top condition. 


If the vehicle is not running or under repair the crew of that vehicle cannot just be transferred to any other truck to continue a trip or for another trip unless there is an emergency or the condition of the trip say so.



The Pre trip Safety Checks


Driver and/or his helper shall conduct a daily inspection of the vehicle each time before any trip. The following item must be checked prior to starting the engine;


         Fuel – Check fuel gauge reading

         Radiator water level Engine oil level – top up to the required level

         Exhaust system – Check pipes (welding and pipe hangers)

         Tire pressures and condition and wheel nuts

         Efficiency of brakes and steering and clutch function – do this after starting and before proceeding out of the garage gate.

         Efficiency of light/horn/reversing light/reversing alarm/direction indicator/flashing

         Windscreen – wash and dry the screen as required.

         Batteries - secure, clean, corrosion free and with adequate electrolyte condition.


Defects, damage, or other conditions considered by the Driver and or helper as being likely to cause unsafe driving operations and conditions shall be reported immediately in order to take the appropriate and necessary measures.


No person shall enter the space beneath the raised head of the vehicle. When it is necessary to enter for maintenance inspection or repair, the vehicles head should be securely blocked and supported to prevent any untoward incident.


The cleaning of the exhaust must regularly be done every Saturday of each week however, in cases that after starting the exhaust system is emitting considerable smoke, the driver shall decide weather the exhaust pipe are to be cleaned or not. Cleaning is done by injecting soap and water solution while the engine is running in idle speed. (no delivery trucks must be permitted to get out of the garage, if the smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe is excessive and over the normal condition.


No vehicles shall be driven out of the garage gate with the tipping head or cabin not properly secured. The the driver must see to it that lift handle/lever must be securely   locked and in and all the anchors are inspected and in correct position before climbing in to the cabin.

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